Remnant Nightmare Save File

Nightmare Save File
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This is the walkthrough for Leode's Remnant Nightmare Mode (Monkey/Hound/Doe) Save file.

As you approach late game and have all the weapons/armours/trinkets the new problem is farming all the materials to upgrade all your secondary/non-essential gear. At this point in the game you should already have almost all traits maxed as you would have done several Hard/Nightmare run-throughs so what you are looking for is Simulacrums, Lumi and Scrap.

This save game does just that. By loading the same map file over and over you can have very efficient speedruns as you do not need to look for the drops. And since you will have all the drops after the first run, they all turn into extra scrap... worth 600+ with maxxed Scrap trait and you can even throw the Scrap necklace (Available from the Doe in this map) for another +25%.

This map was made by running my lower level alt character through the map and then using my main to slay the Corsus Guardian for the heart which you can then give to either the Elf Queen or the Undying King. Biggest scrap/xp gain is to give the Guardian Heart to the Elf Queen then kill the Undying King. After which grab all 3 Simulacrums and then put in a fresh copy of this map so you can do all over again.

The guide here shows the full maps, but when you load the map save a lot of areas are unexplored because I just ran through with my alt. Yaesha is unexplpored by my alt so those zones will key themselves to your level. I could make a map for it but then I would have to slay the Undead King which would lover the scrap/xp value a fair bit as he is worth 2,000 xp by himself. Interestingly the Undead King also scales to your level despite my alt being the first to enter the zone.

All explored Zone keyed to Lv 8 (from Player Lv 6.4 +1)
1st Zone Founder (Same Zone as The Settlement)
Exit at NE (of Center-which is The Settlement) is Marrow Pass which has the Root Cultist (Right of Zone In) and a Tome (Left of Zone In).
Exit at NW (of Center) is Sunken Passage which *had* Gorefist (In zone The Grinder ) a Tome (Just before Zone into The Grinder)and leads to East Exit (of Center-which is The Settlement).
Exit ar South leads to Subway (Chapel Station) and exits at the Church of the Harbinger.
Westcourt Zone (Same Zone as Wailing Wood)

North Exit leads to Cutthroat Channel -leads to Brabus at The Depot which leads back to Wailing Wood (Directly North of it)
Look for Simulacrum (see SS) and Heart Seeker (see SS) in Cutthroat Channel
Exit directly East of Wailing Wood leads to Sorrow's Field which has Monkey Key/Assault Rifle.

Exit at SE is Choking Hollow which *was* the Ent.

RHOM - The Eastern Wind (Same Zone as Wasteland Merchant)
Exit North is the Vault of the Herald which you put the 3 Glowing sticks for the Akari Set.
Exit North of Wasteland Merchant is to the Undying Hall. (Undying King)
Exit South leads to The Burrows.Tome/Ezlans Band.
The Burrows leads to Stalker's Den which has the Hound Master & Maul.
The Burrows exits to The Scouring Wastes.

Exit East is return from Loom of the Black Sun/Claviger

RHOM - The Scouring Wastes (Same Zone as Monolith)
Has Void Armour Monolith in the middle with Loom of the Black Sun nearby.
Loom of the Black Sun is West of Void Armour Monolith.
Loom of the Black Sun *had* Claviger (in The Spindle)
South of Void Armour Monolith has Galenic Charm up in a platform. See SS.

Before Exit SE is Tome. Keep going leads to The Iron Rift which has a Tome near the entrance on the railing to the left. See SS. There is also a Glowing Rod and a bunch of chests. You zone out into The Hive where you fight Scourge. The Hive exits back into Monolith Zone. (It the portal east of Monolith)
Monolith puzzle is WSWSEENEEN (Note N here is from the puzzle facing the Checkpoint... which is actually south. So Cardinal directions are ENENWWSWWS)
Exit North of Monolith is The Purge Hall which is the vampire event for the flail. (SKIP!!)
CORSUS - The Fetid Glade
See SS for Rock of Anguish
West is Zone In from Hall of Undying
Simulacrum is near Zone In from Hall of Undying(Same Zone as Fetid Glade)
Center/North is Zone In from Labrynth
East is exit to The Shack (The Unclean One)

The Shack leads to The Mist Fen
CORSUS -The Mist Fen (Same Zone as Elf Queen)
South of Elf Queen is zone to The Shack
West of Elf Queen is zone to The Capillary Blood Font/Devouring Loop
Far South East of Elf Queen is zone to The Grotto where the Ixillis used to be.

The Capillary leads to Musk Forge (*had* The Thrall) which exits into The Mist Fen North of the Elf Queen.

YAESHA -The Verdant Strand (Same Zone as Stuck Merchant)
Tome and relic see SS not long after Zone In
South Exit leads to Widow's Vestry which has the Doe Temple.
The first 4 can be another bell. But was 4 on try. Shoot fast.

Sout East Exit leads to Shrine of the Immortals (Navun Siege Event) which leads to Scalding Glade.
YAESHA -Scalding Glade
NW Exit leads to Heretics Nest
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This page is the walkthrough for the save file.
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